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......@@ -177,12 +177,12 @@ struct summary {
struct summary *next;
int linked;
} link;
char zone[1024];
char ns[1024];
struct sockaddr_storage storage;
char zone[1024]; /* the zone's name */
char ns[1024]; /* the server's name */
struct sockaddr_storage storage;/* server we are talking to */
int tests; /* number of outstanding tests */
int deferred; /* was the printing deferred */
int done;
int done; /* we are done */
int type; /* recursive query lookup type */
int nodataa; /* recursive query got nodata */
int nodataaaaa; /* recursive query got nodata */
......@@ -205,22 +205,21 @@ struct workitem {
struct workitem *prev;
int linked;
} link, clink, rlink, idlink;
unsigned short id;
struct timeval when;
int type;
unsigned short id; /* the query id we are waiting for */
struct timeval when; /* when we will timeout */
int type; /* the query type being looked up */
int test; /* test number / server number */
int sends; /* number of times this UDP request
* has been sent */
int buflen;
int tcpfd;
int buflen; /* the size of the request to be sent */
int tcpfd; /* the tcp file descriptor */
int outstanding; /* outstanding has been set */
int havelen; /* readlen is tcp message length */
int readlen;
int read;
unsigned char buf[512];
unsigned char tcpbuf[0x10000];
char result[100];
struct summary *summary;
int readlen; /* how much we need to read */
int read; /* how much has been read so far */
unsigned char buf[512]; /* the question we sent */
unsigned char tcpbuf[0x10000]; /* where to accumulate the tcp response */
struct summary *summary; /* where this test is summaried */
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