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   4.	[port]		bin/named/unix/os.c didn't compile on systems with
			linux 2.3 kernel includes due to conflicts between
			C library includes and the kernel includes.  We now
			get only what we need from <linux/capability.h>, and
			avoid pulling in other linux kernel .h files.

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   3.	[bug]		TKEYs go in the answer section of responses, not
			the additional section.

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   2.	[bug]		Generating cryptographic randomness failed on
			systems without /dev/random.

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   1.	[bug]		The installdirs rule in
			lib/isc/unix/include/isc/ had a typo which
			prevented the isc directory from being created if it
			didn't exist.

	--- 9.0.0b1 released ---