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    add a quick-and-dirty method of debugging a single query · 249184e0
    Evan Hunt authored
    when built with "configure --enable-singletrace", named will produce
    detailed query logging at the highest debug level for any query with
    query ID zero.
    this enables monitoring of the progress of a single query by specifying
    the QID using "dig +qid=0". the "client" logging category should be set
    to a low severity level to suppress logging of other queries. (the
    chance of another query using QID=0 at the same time is only 1 in 2^16.)
    "--enable-singletrace" turns on "--enable-querytrace" as well, so if the
    logging severity is not lowered, all other queries will be logged
    verbosely as well. compiling with either of these options will impair
    query performance; they should only be turned on when testing or
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