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    Do not treat a referral with a non-empty ANSWER section as an error · 24b9ec55
    Michał Kępień authored
    As part of resquery_response() refactoring [1], a goto statement was
    replaced [2] with a call to a new function - originally called
    rctx_delegation(), now folded into rctx_answer_none() - extracted from
    existing code.  However, one call site of that refactored function does
    not reset the "result" variable, causing a referral with a non-empty
    ANSWER section to be inadvertently treated as an error, which prevents
    resolution of names reliant on servers sending such responses.  Fix by
    resetting the "result" variable to ISC_R_SUCCESS when a response
    containing a non-empty ANSWER section can be treated as a delegation.
    [1] see RT #45362
    [2] see commit e1380a16741a3b4a57e54d7a9ce09dd12691522f
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