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    Move code handling key loading errors into a common function · 3113dc24
    Michał Kępień authored
    Some values returned by dstkey_fromconfig() indicate that key loading
    should be interrupted, others do not.  There are also certain subsequent
    checks to be made after parsing a key from configuration and the results
    of these checks also affect the key loading process.  All of this
    complicates the key loading logic.
    In order to make the relevant parts of the code easier to follow, reduce
    the body of the inner for loop in load_view_keys() to a single call to a
    new function, process_key().  Move dstkey_fromconfig() error handling to
    process_key() as well and add comments to clearly describe the effects
    of various key loading errors.
    (cherry picked from commit b85007e0)
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