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    dispatch: Refactor to eliminate dns_dispatchevent · 8b532d2e
    Evan Hunt authored
    - Responses received by the dispatch are no longer sent to the caller
      via a task event, but via a netmgr-style recv callback.  the 'action'
      parameter to dns_dispatch_addresponse() is now called 'response' and
      is called directly from udp_recv() or tcp_recv() when a valid response
      has been received.
    - All references to isc_task and isc_taskmgr have been removed from
      dispatch functions.
    - All references to dns_dispatchevent_t have been removed and the type
      has been deleted.
    - Added a task to the resolver response context, to be used for fctx
    - When the caller cancels an operation, the response handler will be
      called with ISC_R_CANCELED; it can abort immediately since the caller
      will presumably have taken care of cleanup already.
    - Cleaned up attach/detach in resquery and request.