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    convert ns_client and related objects to use netmgr · 53f0b6c3
    Evan Hunt authored
    - ns__client_request() is now called by netmgr with an isc_nmhandle_t
      parameter. The handle can then be permanently associated with an
      ns_client object.
    - The task manager is paused so that isc_task events that may be
      triggred during client processing will not fire until after the netmgr is
      finished with it. Before any asynchronous event, the client MUST
      call isc_nmhandle_ref(client->handle), to prevent the client from
      being reset and reused while waiting for an event to process. When
      the asynchronous event is complete, isc_nmhandle_unref(client->handle)
      must be called to ensure the handle can be reused later.
    - reference counting of client objects is now handled in the nmhandle
      object.  when the handle references drop to zero, the client's "reset"
      callback is used to free temporary resources and reiniialize it,
      whereupon the handle (and associated client) is placed in the
      "inactive handles" queue.  when the sysstem is shutdown and the
      handles are cleaned up, the client's "put" callback is called to free
      all remaining resources.
    - because client allocation is no longer handled in the same way,
      the '-T clienttest' option has now been removed and is no longer
      used by any system tests.
    - the unit tests require wrapping the isc_nmhandle_unref() function;
      when LD_WRAP is supported, that is used. otherwise we link a
      libwrap.so interposer library and use that.
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