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    Disable kasp test on Windows · 4e610b7f
    Matthijs Mekking authored
    The kasp system test is timing critical.  The test passes on all
    Linux based machines, but fails frequently on Windows.  The test
    takes a lot more time on Windows and at the final checks fail
    because the expected next key event is too far off.  For example:
    I:kasp:check next key event for zone step2.algorithm-roll.kasp (570)
    I:kasp:error: bad next key event time 20909 for zone \
      step2.algorithm-roll.kasp (expect 21600)
    This is because the kasp system test calculates the time when the
    next key event should occur based on the policy.  This assumes that
    named is able to do key management within a minute.  But starting,
    named, doing key management for other zones, and reconfiguring takes
    much more time on Windows and thus the next key event on Windows is
    much shorter than anticipated.
    That this happens is a good thing because this means that the
    correct next key event is used, but is not so nice for testing, as
    it is hard to determine how much time named needed before finishing
    the current key event.
    Disable the kasp test on Windows now because it is blocking the
    release.  We know the cause of these test failures, and it is clear
    that this is a fault in the test, not the code.  Therefore we feel
    comfortable disabling the test right now and work on a fix while
    unblocking the release.
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