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    Stop including gssapi.h from dst/gssapi.h header · a5d2ce79
    Ondřej Surý authored
    The only reason for including the gssapi.h from the dst/gssapi.h header
    was to get the typedefs of gss_cred_id_t and gss_ctx_id_t.  Instead of
    using those types directly this commit introduces dns_gss_cred_id_t and
    dns_gss_ctx_id_t types that are being used in the public API and
    privately retyped to their counterparts when we actually call the gss
    This also conceals the gssapi headers, so users of the libdns library
    doesn't have to add GSSAPI_CFLAGS to the Makefile when including libdns
    dst API.
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