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    associate socket stats counters with netmgr socket objects · 80a5c9f5
    Evan Hunt authored
    - the socket stat counters have been moved from socket.h to stats.h.
    - isc_nm_t now attaches to the same stats counter group as
      isc_socketmgr_t, so that both managers can increment the same
      set of statistics
    - isc__nmsocket_init() now takes an interface as a paramter so that
      the address family can be determined when initializing the socket.
    - based on the address family and socket type, a group of statistics
      counters will be associated with the socket - for example, UDP4Active
      with IPv4 UDP sockets and TCP6Active with IPv6 TCP sockets.  note
      that no counters are currently associated with TCPDNS sockets; those
      stats will be handled by the underlying TCP socket.
    - the counters are not actually used by netmgr sockets yet; counter
      increment and decrement calls will be added in a later commit.
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