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    Add small tweaks to the code to fix compilation when ISC assertions are disabled · 9d15323e
    Ondřej Surý authored
    While implementing the new unit testing framework cmocka, it was found that the
    BIND 9 code doesn't compile when assertions are disabled or replaced with any
    function (such as mock_assert() from cmocka unit testing framework) that's not
    directly recognized as assertion by the compiler.
    This made the compiler to complain about blocks of code that was recognized as
    unreachable before, but now it isn't.
    The changes in this commit include:
    * assigns default values to couple of local variables,
    * moves some return statements around INSIST assertions,
    * adds __builtin_unreachable(); annotations after some INSIST assertions,
    * fixes one broken assertion (= instead of ==)
    (cherry picked from commit fbd2e47f)
    (cherry picked from commit b222783a)
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