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    Squashed commit of the following: · afaa290b
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    commit aea73609ac5d41ed091360e94370798965f28f05
    commit eef7f44c57a060b24a426eb8888e16176a0a69b1
    commit a88a26d864ad399fa2d40e3b9659b4d26f454ca1
    commit 1b90d59568e7e3b65690c6bd075cf4d60b03e454
    Merge: 74d8f73 cd029246
    commit 74d8f73ed553bb64a305e284905762f7ff0029aa
    commit 9a59ef6bbd4befe91e5691e8b85afe1cb7ab0706
    commit c63606a53b4f1bb7066b37d3cfe588e9dc21a119
    commit 2c392a840c8838455d144ce163bd873bee400c97
    commit 0241f53563e6e7bed462a883d98a8931f01e0980
    commit 79fe22b5d6f04bdaa3073cf54d41952194e879e1
    commit 351b3049625f2edd39729dd85413e961b97d4b3b
    commit 7207674fc77c9a10d84c0cb94e36d1c09bb31459
    commit 543ad34cf08f901c20b438c9d2f45482cff13d5e
    commit fc45b99ce4438627fdcbeb4365695ba0065fa46f
    commit c425207f57e0a5157372aa7edbb79b13170563e5
    commit ef8c5e23ca284e0ea02f69ce1f356d537c19d93b
    commit ba0d4e3aa51efe412cfa1d031651f949442d1802
    commit 41c7969c7cb6884b93011f7ace3fd9522efc021e
      and more from CVS
    for rt26172
      - optional "recursive-only yes|no" to the response-policy statement
      - optional max-policy-ttl to limit the lies that "recursive-only no"
          can introduce into resolvers' caches
      - test that queries with RD=0 are not rewritten by default
      - performance smoke test
    Change encoding of PASSTHRU action to "rpz-passthru".
          (The old encoding is still accepted.)
    Fix rt26180  assert botch in zone_findrdataset() in this branch
         as well.
    Fix missing signatures on NOERROR results despite RPZ hits
        when there are signatures and the client asks for DNSSEC,
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