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    Added RPZ configuration option "nsdname-wait-recurse" · c786c578
    Diego Fronza authored
    This new option was added to fill a gap in RPZ configuration
    It was possible to instruct BIND wheter NSIP rewritting rules would
    apply or not, as long as the required data was already in cache or not,
    respectively, by means of the option nsip-wait-recurse.
    A value of yes (default) could incur a little processing cost, since
    BIND would need to recurse to find NS addresses in case they were not in
    the cache.
    This behavior could be changed by setting nsip-wait-recurse value to no,
    in which case BIND would promptly return some error code if the NS IP addresses
    data were not in cache, then BIND would start a recursive query
    in background, so future similar requests would have the required data
    (NS IPs) in cache, allowing BIND to apply NSIP rules accordingly.
    A similar feature wasn't available for NSDNAME triggers, so this commit
    adds the option nsdname-wait-recurse to fill this gap, as it was
    expected by couple BIND users.
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