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    1190. [func] Add the "rndc freeze" and"rndc unfreeze" commands. · cde7dfea
    Brian Wellington authored
    			[RT #2394]
    Basically, "freeze" disables dynamic updates to a zone, syncs the journal
    file into the master file, and removes the journal.  This allows manual
    edits of a dynamic zone file without stopping the server, since the
    zone is temporarily considered non-dynamic.  "unfreeze" re-enables dynamic
    updates to a zone.
    So, instead of the old:
    	rndc stop
    	edit master file
    	remove journal
    	restart server
    you can now do:
    	rndc freeze zone
    	edit master file
    	rndc reload zone
    	rndc unfreeze zone
    which doesn't require stopping the server.
    About everyone here at the secure dynamic update workshop wanted this.
    It will be documented soon.
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