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    [master] add libns and remove liblwres · 8eb88aaf
    Evan Hunt authored
    4708.   [cleanup]       Legacy Windows builds (i.e. for XP and earlier)
                            are no longer supported. [RT #45186]
    4707.	[func]		The lightweight resolver daemon and library (lwresd
    			and liblwres) have been removed. [RT #45186]
    4706.	[func]		Code implementing name server query processing has
    			been moved from bin/named to a new library "libns".
    			Functions remaining in bin/named are now prefixed
    			with "named_" rather than "ns_".  This will make it
    			easier to write unit tests for name server code, or
    			link name server functionality into new tools.
    			[RT #45186]
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