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    Increase migrate.kasp DNSKEY TTL · 04e67110
    Matthijs Mekking authored
    Increate the DNSKEY TTL of the migrate.kasp zone for the following
    reason:  The key states are initialized depending on the timing
    metadata. If a key is present long enough in the zone it will be
    initialized to OMNIPRESENT.  Long enough here is the time when it
    was published (when the setup script was run) plus DNSKEY TTL.
    Otherwise it is set to RUMOURED, or to HIDDEN if no timing metadata
    is set or the time is still in the future.
    Since the TTL is "only" 5 minutes, the DNSKEY state may be
    initialized to OMNIPRESENT if the test is slow, but we expect it
    to be in RUMOURED state.  If we increase the TTL to a couple of
    hours it is very unlikely that it will be initialized to something
    else than RUMOURED.
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