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Fix a possible deadlock in TCP accepting

Each network thread holds an array of locks, indexed by a hash
of fd. When we accept a connection we hold a lock in accepting thread.
We then generate the thread number and lock bucket for the new
connection socket - if we hit the same thread and lock bucket as
accepting socket we get a deadlock. Avoid this by checking if we're
in the same thread/lock bucket and not locking in this case.

(cherry picked from commit 75815c15)
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5238. [bug] Fix a possible deadlock in TCP code. [GL #1046]
5237. [bug] Recurse to find the root server list with 'dig +trace'.
[GL #1028]
......@@ -2979,6 +2979,13 @@ internal_accept(isc__socket_t *sock) {
NEWCONNSOCK(dev)->connected = 1;
nthread = &manager->threads[NEWCONNSOCK(dev)->threadid];
* We already hold a lock on one fdlock in accepting thread,
* we need to make sure that we don't double lock.
bool same_bucket = (sock->threadid == NEWCONNSOCK(dev)->threadid) &&
(FDLOCK_ID(sock->fd) == lockid);
* Use minimum mtu if possible.
......@@ -3001,13 +3008,17 @@ internal_accept(isc__socket_t *sock) {
NEWCONNSOCK(dev)->active = 1;
if (!same_bucket) {
nthread->fds[fd] = NEWCONNSOCK(dev);
nthread->fdstate[fd] = MANAGED;
#if defined(USE_EPOLL)
nthread->epoll_events[fd] = 0;
if (!same_bucket) {
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