Commit 00b4840c authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt
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[master] named.conf and lwresd man pages missing from ARM

parent 3836539e
......@@ -18909,6 +18909,8 @@ allow-query { !{ !10/8; any; }; key example; };
<xi:include href="../../bin/check/named-checkconf.docbook"/>
<xi:include href="../../bin/check/named-checkzone.docbook"/>
<xi:include href="../../bin/named/named.docbook"/>
<xi:include href="../../bin/named/named.conf.docbook"/>
<xi:include href="../../bin/named/lwresd.docbook"/>
<xi:include href="../../bin/tools/named-journalprint.docbook"/>
<xi:include href="../../bin/tools/named-rrchecker.docbook"/>
<!-- named.conf.docbook and others? -->
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