Commit 03fac9f9 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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document that the syslog facility is optional

parent d758d223
......@@ -2833,9 +2833,15 @@ parse_optional_facility(cfg_parser_t *pctx, const cfg_type_t *type, cfg_obj_t **
return (result);
static void
doc_optional_facility(cfg_printer_t *pctx, const cfg_type_t *type) {
cfg_print_cstr(pctx, "[ <syslog_facility> ]");
static cfg_type_t cfg_type_optional_facility = {
"optional_facility", parse_optional_facility, NULL, cfg_doc_terminal,
"optional_facility", parse_optional_facility, NULL,
doc_optional_facility, NULL, NULL };
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