Commit 052e68f3 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews

add bin/tests/system/reclimit/ans4/

(cherry picked from commit ae77468e)
parent 32d48b82
......@@ -1803,6 +1803,7 @@
./bin/tests/system/pkcs11ssl/usepkcs11 X 2014,2018
./bin/tests/system/reclimit/README TXT.BRIEF 2014,2016,2017,2018
./bin/tests/system/reclimit/ans2/ PERL 2014,2015,2016,2017,2018
./bin/tests/system/reclimit/ans4/ PERL 2018
./bin/tests/system/reclimit/ans7/ PERL 2014,2016,2018
./bin/tests/system/reclimit/ SH 2014,2016,2018
./bin/tests/system/reclimit/ns1/ CONF-C 2018
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