Commit 0599176c authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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parent cd5f6549
......@@ -30,48 +30,48 @@ rt13555 open marka
rt13562 open marka
rt13587 review
rt13606 open marka // TSIG SHA256
rt13662 new
rt13694 new
rt13753 new
rt13754 new
rt13771 new
rt14616 new
rt14673 new
rt14686 new
rt14695 new
rt1471 new
rt14775 new
rt14801 new
rt14814 new
rt14815 new
rt1572a new
rt288 new
rt3469 new
rt3517 new
rt3746_lidl new
rt4389 new
rt4404 new
rt4441 new
rt4706 new
rt4940 new
rt5066a new
rt5182 new
rt5192 new
rt5204 new
rt5206_1 new
rt5228 new
rt5299 open marka
rt5318 new
rt5397 new
rt5456 review explorer
rt5528 new
rt5577 new
rt5586 new
rt5599 new
rt5746a new
rt5764 new
rt6189 new
rt6206 new
rt13662 open marka // rrset-order fixed
rt13694 closed
rt13753 review
rt13754 closed
rt13771 review
rt14616 review
rt14673 review
rt14686 closed
rt14695 review
rt1471 closed
rt14775 review
rt14801 review
rt14814 review
rt14815 open marka
rt1572a closed // bad rt#
rt288 closed
rt3469 closed
rt3517 closed
rt3746_lidl closed
rt4389 closed
rt4404 closed
rt4441 closed
rt4706 closed
rt4940 closed
rt5066a closed
rt5182 closed
rt5192 closed
rt5204 closed
rt5206_1 open marka
rt5228 closed
rt5299 closed marka
rt5318 closed
rt5397 closed
rt5456 closed explorer
rt5528 closed
rt5577 closed
rt5586 closed
rt5599 closed
rt5746a closed // rt3746
rt5764 closed
rt6189 closed
rt6206 closed
rt6225 new
rt6229 new
rt6427 new
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