Commit 071bc299 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews Committed by Ondřej Surý
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Propagate first_time to named_os_openfile in generate_session_key.

named_os_openfile was being called with switch_user set to true
unconditionally leading to log messages about being unable to
switch user identity from named when regenerating the key.
parent 6c82e2af
......@@ -7313,7 +7313,8 @@ static isc_result_t
generate_session_key(const char *filename, const char *keynamestr,
const dns_name_t *keyname, const char *algstr,
const dns_name_t *algname, unsigned int algtype,
uint16_t bits, isc_mem_t *mctx, dns_tsigkey_t **tsigkeyp) {
uint16_t bits, isc_mem_t *mctx, bool first_time,
dns_tsigkey_t **tsigkeyp) {
isc_result_t result = ISC_R_SUCCESS;
dst_key_t *key = NULL;
isc_buffer_t key_txtbuffer;
......@@ -7354,7 +7355,7 @@ generate_session_key(const char *filename, const char *keynamestr,
NULL, now, now, mctx, NULL, &tsigkey));
/* Dump the key to the key file. */
fp = named_os_openfile(filename, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR, true);
fp = named_os_openfile(filename, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR, first_time);
if (fp == NULL) {
isc_log_write(named_g_lctx, NAMED_LOGCATEGORY_GENERAL,
......@@ -7405,7 +7406,7 @@ cleanup:
static isc_result_t
configure_session_key(const cfg_obj_t **maps, named_server_t *server,
isc_mem_t *mctx) {
isc_mem_t *mctx, bool first_time) {
const char *keyfile, *keynamestr, *algstr;
unsigned int algtype;
dns_fixedname_t fname;
......@@ -7501,7 +7502,7 @@ configure_session_key(const cfg_obj_t **maps, named_server_t *server,
CHECK(generate_session_key(keyfile, keynamestr, keyname, algstr,
algname, algtype, bits, mctx,
first_time, &server->sessionkey));
return (result);
......@@ -8882,7 +8883,7 @@ load_configuration(const char *filename, named_server_t *server,
* turns out that a session key is really needed but doesn't exist,
* we'll treat it as a fatal error then.
(void)configure_session_key(maps, server, named_g_mctx);
(void)configure_session_key(maps, server, named_g_mctx, first_time);
* Create the DNSSEC key and signing policies (KASP).
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