Commit 07d18c44 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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parent 8543f063
......@@ -11,20 +11,20 @@ Branch Status Whom // Comments
custom_WFB_v9_3_1 private
custom_WFB_v9_3_2 private
custom_WFB_v9_3_3 new
dighost new
custom_WFB_v9_3_3 private
dighost open
gsstsig4 open sra // head + gsstsig as of 12 may 2006
gsstsig4_win32 open danny // sub-branch off gsstsig4 for windows development
jinmei-mmapzone-test new // mmap based zone file. very experimental, just for reference purposes
jinmei_libdnsng new
jinmei-mmapzone-test open // mmap based zone file. very experimental, just for reference purposes
jinmei_libdnsng open
libbind_clean open jinmei
marka_libdnsng new
mlg-20000518 new
newresolver0 new
marka_libdnsng open
mlg-20000518 open
newresolver0 open
openssl_stub open marka
rt10864 open marka // NSEC caching @ delegation
rt11398d open sra // doxygen dev
rt11398e new
rt11398e open sra
rt11543 open jakob
rt11733 open jakob
rt11733b open jakob
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ rt14895b open jinmei
rt14951a open
rt15327 open
rt15452 open marka // NSEC3
rt15452a new
rt15452a open marka
rt15473 review marka
rt15473b review marka
rt15698 open
......@@ -66,62 +66,62 @@ rt16290 closed
rt16292 closed
rt16300 closed
rt16307 closed
rt16313 new
rt16315 new
rt16317 new
rt16320 new
rt16324 new
rt16326 new
rt16341 new
rt16354 new
rt16361 new
rt16363 new
rt16388 new
rt16391 new
rt16399 new
rt16401 new
rt16402 new
rt16403 new
rt16411 new
rt16415 new
rt16417 new
rt16426 new
rt16427 new
rt16428 new
rt16437 new
rt16443 new
rt16444 new
rt16447 new
rt16455 new
rt16456 new
rt16460 new
rt16476 new
rt16491 new
rt16499 new
rt16502 new
rt16507 new
rt16519 new
rt16553 new
rt16555 new
rt16563 new
rt16584 new
rt16592 new
rt16609 new
rt16612 new
rt16613 new
rt16619 new
rt16313 closed
rt16315 closed
rt16317 closed
rt16320 closed
rt16324 closed
rt16326 closed
rt16341 closed
rt16354 open
rt16361 closed
rt16363 closed
rt16388 closed
rt16391 closed
rt16399 closed
rt16401 closed
rt16402 open
rt16403 closed
rt16411 closed
rt16415 open
rt16417 closed
rt16426 closed
rt16427 closed
rt16428 open
rt16437 open
rt16443 open
rt16444 closed
rt16447 closed
rt16455 closed
rt16456 closed
rt16460 closed
rt16476 closed
rt16491 closed
rt16499 closed
rt16502 closed
rt16507 closed
rt16519 open // epsilon for .DE
rt16553 closed
rt16555 closed
rt16563 closed
rt16584 closed
rt16592 open
rt16609 open
rt16612 open
rt16613 open
rt16619 open
rt16635 closed
rt1727 open // ixfr-from-differences workfile
skan new
skan open
skan-metazones1 private
skan_implicit_update1 new
skan_stats1 new
skan_stats2 new
skan_stats3 new
skan_stats4 new
sp1213 new
stats_lidl new
v6source new
skan_implicit_update1 open
skan_stats1 open
skan_stats2 open
skan_stats3 open
skan_stats4 open
sp1213 open
stats_lidl open
v6source open
v9_1 active // security fixes only
v9_1_1_patch active // security fixes 9.1.1 only
v9_2 active
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