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implementation of "rbt") has been removed. [GL #217]
The <command>-r randomdev</command> option to explicitly select
random device has been removed from
<command>dnssec-confgen</command>, and
<command>dnssec-signzone</command> commands.
The <command>-p</command> option to use pseudo-random data
has been removed from <command>dnssec-signzone</command>
<section xml:id="relnotes_changes"><info><title>Feature Changes</title></info>
BIND will now always you use the best CSPRNG
(cryptographically-secure pseudo-random number generator)
available on the platform where it is compiled. It will use
arc4random() family of functions on BSDs, getrandom() on
Linux and Solaris, CryptGenRandom on Windows, and the
selected cryptographic library (OpenSSL or PKCS#11) provider
as the last resort. [GL #221]
BIND can no longer be built without DNSSEC support. A cryptography
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