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"" []>
......@@ -17,7 +18,7 @@
<!-- $Id: FAQ.xml,v 1.13 2006/10/24 00:56:35 marka Exp $ -->
<!-- $Id: FAQ.xml,v 1.14 2006/11/30 05:59:41 marka Exp $ -->
<article class="faq">
<title>Frequently Asked Questions about BIND 9</title>
......@@ -1212,8 +1213,8 @@ named_cache_t: for files modifiable by named - $ROOTDIR/var/{tmp,named/{slaves,d
I want to forward all DNS queries from my caching nameserver to
another server. But there are are some domains which have to be server
locally, via rbldnsd.
another server. But there are some domains which have to be
served locally, via rbldnsd.
How do I achieve this ?
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