Commit 0ae53264 authored by David Lawrence's avatar David Lawrence
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Removed declarations of extern bn_limit_* variables that are declared

static in bn_lib.c.  They are only used by bn_lib.c.
parent 585529aa
......@@ -235,17 +235,6 @@ extern "C" {
#define OPENSSL_EXTERN extern
#define NO_BIO
OPENSSL_EXTERN int bn_limit_bits;
OPENSSL_EXTERN int bn_limit_num; /* (1<<bn_limit_bits) */
/* Recursive 'low' limit */
OPENSSL_EXTERN int bn_limit_bits_low;
OPENSSL_EXTERN int bn_limit_num_low; /* (1<<bn_limit_bits_low) */
/* Do modified 'high' part calculation' */
OPENSSL_EXTERN int bn_limit_bits_high;
OPENSSL_EXTERN int bn_limit_num_high; /* (1<<bn_limit_bits_high) */
OPENSSL_EXTERN int bn_limit_bits_mont;
OPENSSL_EXTERN int bn_limit_num_mont; /* (1<<bn_limit_bits_mont) */
BIGNUM *bn_expand2(BIGNUM *b, int bits);
void bn_mul_normal(BN_ULONG *r,BN_ULONG *a,int na,BN_ULONG *b,int nb);
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