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Merge branch '2009-update-isc-logo-in-documentation-v9_11' into 'v9_11'

Resolve "Update ISC logo in documentation"

See merge request !3812
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......@@ -89,7 +89,9 @@
% trim enough for it to fit on the page, and we do not trim
% so much that we clip out part of the graphic itself.
% This seems to work, anyway.
\includegraphics[trim=400 150 400 0,clip,scale=2.5]{isc-logo.pdf}
% trim=left bottom right top
%\includegraphics[trim=400 150 400 0,clip,scale=2.5]{isc-logo.pdf} % old logo
\includegraphics[trim=175 320 200 200,clip]{isc-logo.pdf}
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