Commit 0d38079b authored by Bob Halley's avatar Bob Halley
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depend upon libisc.a and libdns.a

parent 1633838b
......@@ -22,19 +22,19 @@ TARGETS = name_test \
name_test: name_test.o
name_test: name_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ name_test.o ${LIBS}
rwlock_test: rwlock_test.o
rwlock_test: rwlock_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ rwlock_test.o ${LIBS}
sock_test: sock_test.o
sock_test: sock_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ sock_test.o ${LIBS}
task_test: task_test.o
task_test: task_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ task_test.o ${LIBS}
timer_test: timer_test.o
timer_test: timer_test.o ../../lib/isc/libisc.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a
${CC} -o $@ timer_test.o ${LIBS}
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