Commit 0e8cfb69 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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a4 and a6 were being referenced out of scope

parent 51143259
......@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ static isc_log_t *lctx = NULL;
static char *server = NULL;
static const char *port = "53";
static isc_sockaddr_t *srcaddr4 = NULL, *srcaddr6 = NULL;
static isc_sockaddr_t a4, a6;
static char *curqname = NULL, *qname = NULL;
static isc_boolean_t classset = ISC_FALSE;
static dns_rdatatype_t qtype = dns_rdatatype_none;
......@@ -1127,7 +1128,6 @@ dash_option(char *option, char *next, isc_boolean_t *open_type_class) {
char textname[MAXNAME];
struct in_addr in4;
struct in6_addr in6;
isc_sockaddr_t a4, a6;
in_port_t srcport;
isc_uint32_t num;
char *hash;
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