Commit 0ee14aa5 authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień
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Use a while loop instead of a for loop in dns__zone_updatesigs()

Replace the outer for loop with a while loop to emphasize it keeps
processing the first element of diff->tuples, which changes on each
iteration due to tuples being removed from diff->tuples by
parent 15afdf94
......@@ -7338,9 +7338,7 @@ dns__zone_updatesigs(dns_diff_t *diff, dns_db_t *db, dns_dbversion_t *version,
dns_difftuple_t *tuple;
isc_result_t result;
for (tuple = ISC_LIST_HEAD(diff->tuples);
tuple != NULL;
tuple = ISC_LIST_HEAD(diff->tuples)) {
while ((tuple = ISC_LIST_HEAD(diff->tuples)) != NULL) {
isc_stdtime_t exp = expire;
if (keyexpire != 0 &&
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