Commit 12cc22fc authored by Andreas Gustafsson's avatar Andreas Gustafsson
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When waiting for a TCP request, receiving a response

instead caused an assertion failure
parent d84ce5d5
......@@ -519,7 +519,17 @@ client_request(isc_task_t *task, isc_event_t *event) {
ns_client_error(client, result);
INSIST((client->message->flags & DNS_MESSAGEFLAG_QR) == 0);
* We expect a query, not a response. Unexpected UDP responses
* are discarded early by the dispatcher, but TCP responses
* bypass the dispatcher and must be discarded here.
if ((client->message->flags & DNS_MESSAGEFLAG_QR) != 0) {
CTRACE("unexpected response");
ns_client_next(client, DNS_R_FORMERR);
* Deal with EDNS.
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