Commit 13975b32 authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień
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Fix cleanup upon an error before TCP socket creation

When a query times out after a socket is created and associated with a
given dig_query_t structure, calling isc_socket_cancel() causes
connect_done() to be run, which in turn takes care of all necessary
cleanups.  However, certain errors (e.g. get_address() returning
ISC_R_FAMILYNOSUPPORT) may prevent a TCP socket from being created in
the first place.  Since force_timeout() may be used in code handling
such errors, connect_timeout() needs to properly clean up a TCP query
which is not associated with any socket.  Call clear_query() from
connect_timeout() after attempting to send a TCP query to the next
available server if the timed out query does not have a socket
associated with it, in order to prevent dig from hanging indefinitely
due to the dig_query_t structure not being detached from its parent
dig_lookup_t structure.
parent c108fc5c
......@@ -2943,6 +2943,8 @@ connect_timeout(isc_task_t *task, isc_event_t *event) {
if (query->sock != NULL) {
isc_socket_cancel(query->sock, NULL,
} else {
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