Commit 1470774f authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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update the sscanf format strings so they match the pointer types

(cherry picked from commit 70d192eb)
parent efb8880d
......@@ -18716,7 +18716,7 @@ dns_zone_keydone(dns_zone_t *zone, const char *keystr) {
kd->all = ISC_FALSE;
n = sscanf(keystr, "%hd/", &keyid);
n = sscanf(keystr, "%hu/", &keyid);
if (n == 0U)
......@@ -18726,7 +18726,7 @@ dns_zone_keydone(dns_zone_t *zone, const char *keystr) {
n = sscanf(algstr, "%hhd", &alg);
n = sscanf(algstr, "%hhu", &alg);
if (n == 0U) {
DE_CONST(algstr, r.base);
r.length = strlen(algstr);
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