Source config.guess from source root

It seems that config.guess gets always created in source root, so for
that sake of out-of-tree system test, we should expect the file there
instead of where configure was run.
parent 093af1c0
...@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@ ...@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@
# fd92:7065:b8e:ff::{1..2} # fd92:7065:b8e:ff::{1..2}
# #
top_builddir=@abs_top_builddir@ top_srcdir=@abs_top_srcdir@
sys=$($SHELL "$top_builddir/config.guess") sys=$($SHELL "$top_srcdir/config.guess")
use_ip= use_ip=
case "$sys" in case "$sys" in
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