Commit 17021876 authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt

fix broken masterformat test

- dig command had the @ parameter in the wrong place
- private-dnskey and private-cdnskey are queried in a separate
  loop, which strips 'private-' from the name to determine the qtype

(cherry picked from commit bc7b34d6)
parent a8067ebf
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......@@ -98,16 +98,21 @@ ret=0
set -- 1 2 3
for zone in example example-explicit example-compat; do
for server in "$@"; do
for name in ns mx a aaaa cname dname txt rrsig nsec \
dnskey ds cdnskey cds private-dnskey private-cdnskey; do
dig_with_opts "$name.$zone." "$name" "@10.53.0.$server"
for qname in ns mx a aaaa cname dname txt rrsig nsec \
dnskey ds cdnskey cds; do
dig_with_opts @10.53.0.${server} -q ${qname}.${zone}. -t ${qtype}
done > "dig.out.$zone.$server.test$n"
done > dig.out.${zone}.${server}.test${n}
for qname in private-dnskey private-cdnskey; do
qtype=$(expr "$qname" : '.*-\(.*\)')
dig_with_opts @10.53.0.${server} -q ${qname}.${zone}. -t ${qtype}
done >> dig.out.${zone}.${server}.test${n}
digcomp "dig.out.$zone.1.test$n" "dig.out.$zone.2.test$n" || ret=1
digcomp dig.out.${zone}.1.test${n} dig.out.${zone}.2.test${n} || ret=1
if [ "$zone" = "example" ]; then
set -- 1 2
digcomp "dig.out.$zone.1.test$n" "dig.out.$zone.3.test$n" || ret=1
digcomp dig.out.${zone}.1.test${n} dig.out.${zone}.3.test${n} || ret=1
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