Commit 1a246905 authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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mention seconds for max-zone-ttl, max-cache-ttl, min-refresh-time, max-policy-ttl in ARM

This is for ticket 38106.
The initial patch was okayed, but then another commenter mentioned
that max-zone-ttl also allows TTL units so I mention that also
without review.
Note for the ticket, resolver-query-timeout change was
already handled last month in my commit 8789f39b
parent 1c2152e5
......@@ -5890,7 +5890,9 @@ options {
Specifies a maximum permissible TTL value.
Specifies a maximum permissible TTL value in seconds.
For convenience, TTL-style time unit suffixes may be
used to specify the maximum value.
When loading a zone file using a
<option>masterfile-format</option> of
<constant>text</constant> or <constant>raw</constant>,
......@@ -9087,8 +9089,8 @@ avoid-v6-udp-ports { 40000; range 50000 60000; };
Sets the maximum time for which the server will
cache ordinary (positive) answers. The default is
one week (7 days).
cache ordinary (positive) answers in seconds.
The default is 604800 (one week).
A value of zero may cause all queries to return
SERVFAIL, because of lost caches of intermediate
RRsets (such as NS and glue AAAA/A records) in the
......@@ -9219,9 +9221,8 @@ avoid-v6-udp-ports { 40000; range 50000 60000; };
These options allow the administrator to set a minimum and
refresh and retry time either per-zone, per-view, or
maximum refresh and retry time in seconds per-zone,
per-view, or globally.
These options are valid for slave and stub zones,
and clamp the SOA refresh and retry times to the specified
......@@ -10388,8 +10389,8 @@ deny-answer-aliases { ""; };
The TTL of a record modified by RPZ policies is set from the
TTL of the relevant record in policy zone. It is then limited
to a maximum value.
The <command>max-policy-ttl</command> clause changes that
maximum from its default of 5.
The <command>max-policy-ttl</command> clause changes the
maximum seconds from its default of 5.
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