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remove the yacc/bison on AIX question.

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......@@ -116,18 +116,6 @@ A: BIND 9 is installed under /usr/local by default. BIND 8 is often
installed under /usr. Check that the correct named is running.
Q: I'm trying to install on AIX and compilation is failing with
errors like
"confparser.c", line 8244.1: 1506-343 (S) Redeclaration of
token_to_keyword differs from previous declaration on line 348 of
A: You probably have a buggy version of GNU bison installed on your
system. Remove bison it from your path, remove the config.cache file,
and rerun configure so that it picks up the AIX yacc instead.
Q: I'm trying to use TSIG to authenticate dynamic updates or zone
transfers. I'm sure I have the keys set up correctly, but the server
is rejecting the TSIG. Why?
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