Commit 1d198e8a authored by David Lawrence's avatar David Lawrence
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removed unused stack variable sigrdataset from authvalidated()

parent 16996a04
......@@ -355,14 +355,13 @@ static void
authvalidated(isc_task_t *task, isc_event_t *event) {
dns_validatorevent_t *devent;
dns_validator_t *val;
dns_rdataset_t *rdataset, *sigrdataset;
dns_rdataset_t *rdataset;
isc_result_t result;
devent = (dns_validatorevent_t *)event;
rdataset = devent->rdataset;
sigrdataset = devent->sigrdataset;
val = devent->ev_arg;
validator_log(val, ISC_LOG_DEBUG(3), "in authvalidated");
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