Commit 275c355f authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews

supported no longer exists so just do the default behaviour

parent c3219891
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......@@ -35,10 +35,7 @@ DSFILENAME2=dsset-`echo $zone2 |sed -e "s/\.$//g"`$TP
$DSFROMKEY -a SHA-256 $keyname12 > $DSFILENAME1
$DSFROMKEY -a SHA-256 $keyname22 > $DSFILENAME2
supported=`cat ../supported`
case "$supported" in
*) algo=SHA-384 ;;
$DSFROMKEY -a $algo $keyname12 >> $DSFILENAME1
$DSFROMKEY -a $algo $keyname22 > $DSFILENAME2
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