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cleanups; new rdata types

parent c71f625e
......@@ -18,23 +18,29 @@
#ifndef DNS_TYPES_H
#define DNS_TYPES_H 1
* Including this file gives you type declarations suitable for use in
* .h files, which lets us avoid circular type reference problems.
* To actually use a type or get declarations of its methods, you must
* include the appropriate .h file too.
#include <isc/region.h>
#include <isc/boolean.h>
typedef isc_region_t dns_label_t;
typedef isc_boolean_t dns_boolean_t;
typedef isc_region_t dns_region_t;
typedef dns_region_t dns_label_t;
typedef struct dns_name dns_name_t;
typedef struct dns_lex dns_lex_t;
typedef struct dns_compression dns_compression_t;
typedef struct dns_decompression dns_decompression_t;
typedef enum {
dns_labeltype_ordinary = 0,
dns_labeltype_bitstring = 1
} dns_labeltype_t;
typedef enum {
dns_bitlabel_0 = 0,
dns_bitlabel_1 = 1
} dns_bitlabel_t;
typedef unsigned int dns_rdataclass_t;
typedef unsigned int dns_rdatatype_t;
typedef struct dns_rdata dns_rdata_t;
#endif /* DNS_TYPES_H */
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