Commit 2b4d66c1 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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Merge branch '836-building-fails-in-build-subdirectory-when-dnstap-is-enabled-v9_12' into 'v9_12'

Resolve "Building fails in build subdirectory when dnstap is enabled"

See merge request !1538
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5163. [cleanup] Out-of-tree builds failed --enable-dnstap. [GL #836]
5162. [cleanup] Improve dnssec-keymgr manual. Thanks to Tony Finch.
[GL !1518]
......@@ -220,7 +220,7 @@ ${OBJS}: include
dnstap.@O@: dnstap.c dnstap.pb-c.c
dnstap.pb-c.c dnstap.pb-c.h include/dns/dnstap.pb-c.h: dnstap.proto
$(PROTOC_C) --c_out=. dnstap.proto
$(PROTOC_C) --c_out=. --proto_path ${srcdir} dnstap.proto
cp -f dnstap.pb-c.h include/dns
dnstap.pb-c.@O@: dnstap.pb-c.c
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