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Add doc/arm/notes-9.11.28.xml to util/copyrights

Commit d602219a did not update
util/copyrights as it should have.  Add the missing line to prevent the
"misc" GitLab CI job from failing.
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......@@ -3262,6 +3262,7 @@
./doc/arm/notes-9.11.25.xml SGML 2020,2021
./doc/arm/notes-9.11.26.xml SGML 2020,2021
./doc/arm/notes-9.11.27.xml SGML 2020,2021
./doc/arm/notes-9.11.28.xml SGML 2021
./doc/arm/notes-9.11.3.xml SGML 2019,2020,2021
./doc/arm/notes-9.11.4.xml SGML 2019,2020,2021
./doc/arm/notes-9.11.5.xml SGML 2019,2020,2021
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