Commit 2ee9a6ee authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews Committed by Evan Hunt
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(cherry picked from commit 21553af7)
parent 8766962f
5298. [security] Named could assert if a forwarder returned a
referral, rather than resolving the query, when QNAME
minimization was enabled. (CVE-2019-6476) [GL #1051]
5297. [bug] Check whether a previous QNAME minimization fetch
is still running before starting a new one; return
SERVFAIL and log an error if so. [GL #1191]
......@@ -135,7 +139,7 @@
code in a high-load cold-cache resolver scenario.
[GL #943]
5242. [bug] In relaxed qname minimizatiom mode, fall back to
5242. [bug] In relaxed qname minimization mode, fall back to
normal resolution when encountering a lame
delegation, and use _.domain/A queries rather
than domain/NS. [GL #1055]
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