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Nominum, Inc.
BIND 9.4.0
BIND 9.4.0 has a number of new features over 9.3,
Implemented "additional section caching (or acache)", an
internal cache framework for additional section content to
improve response performance. Several configuration options
were provided to control the behavior.
New notify type 'master-only'. Enable notify for master
zones only.
Accept 'notify-source' style syntax for query-source.
rndc now allows addresses to be set in the server clauses.
New option "allow-query-cache". This lets allow-query be
used to specify the default zone access level rather than
having to have every zone override the global value.
allow-query-cache can be set at both the options and view
levels. If allow-query-cache is not set allow-query applies.
rndc: the source address can now be specified.
ixfr-from-differences now takes master and slave in addition
to yes and no at the options and view levels.
Allow the journal's name to be changed via named.conf.
'rndc notify zone [class [view]]' resend the NOTIFY messages
for the specified zone.
'dig +trace' now randomly selects the next servers to try.
Report if there is a bad delegation.
Improve check-names error messages.
Make public the function to read a key file, dst_key_read_public().
dig now returns the byte count for axfr/ixfr.
allow-update is now settable at the options / view level.
named-checkconf now checks the logging configuration.
host now can turn on memory debugging flags with '-m'.
Don't send notify messages to self.
Perform sanity checks on NS records which refer to 'in zone' names.
New zone option "notify-delay". Specify a minimum delay
between sets of NOTIFY messages.
Extend adjusting TTL warning messages.
Named and named-checkzone can now both check for non-terminal
wildcard records.
"rndc freeze/thaw" now freezes/thaws all zones.
named-checkconf now check acls to verify that they only
refer to existing acls.
The server syntax has been extended to support a range of
Report differences between hints and real NS rrset and
associated address records.
Preserve the case of domain names in rdata during zone
Restructured the data locking framework using architecture
dependent atomic operations (when available), improving
response performance on multi-processor machines significantly.
x86, x86_64, alpha, powerpc, and mips are currently supported.
UNIX domain controls are now supported.
Add support for additional zone file formats for improving
loading performance. The masterfile-format option in
named.conf can be used to specify a non-default format. A
separate command named-compilezone was provided to generate
zone files in the new format. Additionally, the -I and -O
options for dnssec-signzone specify the input and output
dnssec-signzone can now randomize signature end times
(dnssec-signzone -j jitter).
Add support for CH A record.
Add additional zone data constancy checks. named-checkzone
has extended checking of NS, MX and SRV record and the hosts
they reference. named has extended post zone load checks.
New zone options: check-mx and integrity-check.
edns-udp-size can now be overridden on a per server basis.
dig can now specify the EDNS version when making a query.
Added framework for handling multiple EDNS versions.
Additional memory debugging support to track size and mctx
Detect duplicates of UDP queries we are recursing on and
drop them. New stats category "duplicates".
"USE INTERNAL MALLOC" is now runtime selectable.
The lame cache is now done on a <qname,qclass,qtype> basis
as some servers only appear to be lame for certain query
Limit the number of recursive clients that can be waiting
for a single query (<qname,qtype,qclass>) to resolve. New
options clients-per-query and max-clients-per-query.
dig: report the number of extra bytes still left in the
packet after processing all the records.
Support for IPSECKEY rdata type.
Raise the UDP recieve buffer size to 32k if it is less than 32k.
x86 and x86_64 now have seperate atomic locking implementations.
named-checkconf now validates update-policy entries.
Attempt to make the amount of work performed in a iteration
self tuning. The covers nodes clean from the cache per
iteration, nodes written to disk when rewriting a master
file and nodes destroyed per iteration when destroying a
zone or a cache.
ISC string copy API.
Automatic empty zone creation for D.F.IP6.ARPA and friends.
Note: RFC 1918 zones are not yet covered by this but are
likely to be in a future release.
New options: empty-server, empty-contact, empty-zones-enable
and disable-empty-zone.
dig now has a '-q queryname' and '+showsearch' options.
host/nslookup now continue (default)/fail on SERVFAIL.
dig now warns if 'RA' is not set in the answer when 'RD'
was set in the query. host/nslookup skip servers that fail
to set 'RA' when 'RD' is set unless a server is explicitly
Integrate contibuted DLZ code into named.
Integrate contibuted IDN code from JPNIC.
libbind: corresponds to that from BIND 8.4.7.
BIND 9.3.0
BIND 9.3.0 has a number of new features over 9.2,
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