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<!-- $Id: dig.docbook,v 1.25 2005/08/25 00:17:46 marka Exp $ -->
<!-- $Id: dig.docbook,v 1.26 2005/08/30 00:45:08 marka Exp $ -->
<refentry id="man.dig">
......@@ -792,10 +792,18 @@
Specify a trusted key to be used with
Requires dig be compiled with -DDIG_SIGCHASE.
Specifies a file containing trusted keys to be used with
<option>+sigchase</option>. Each DNSKEY record must be
on its own line.
If not specified <command>dig</command> will look for
<filename>/etc/trusted-key.key</filename> then
<filename>trusted-key.key</filename> in the current directory.
Requires dig be compiled with -DDIG_SIGCHASE.
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