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Add CHANGES and release note for #1775

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......@@ -10,6 +10,14 @@
5474. [bug] dns_rdata_hip_next() failed to return ISC_R_NOMORE
when it should have. [GL !3880]
5473. [func] The rbt hashtable implementation has been changed
to use faster hash-function (HalfSipHash2-4) and
uses Fibonacci hashing for better distribution.
Setting the max-cache-size now preallocates fixed
size hashtable, so the rehashing doesn't cause
resolution brownouts when growing the hashtable.
[GL #1775]
5471. [bug] The introduction of KASP support broke whether the
second field of sig-validity-interval was treated as
days or hours. (Thanks to Tony Finch.) [GL !3735]
......@@ -29,7 +29,12 @@ New Features
Feature Changes
- None.
- BIND's cache database implementation has been updated to use a faster
hash-function with better distribution. In addition, the effective
max-cache-size (configured explicitly, defaulting to a value based on system
memory or set to 'unlimited') now pre-allocates fixed size hash tables. This
prevents interruption to query resolution when the hash tables need to be
increased in size. [GL #1775]
Bug Fixes
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