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......@@ -22,8 +22,14 @@ If your named.conf file uses an unimplemented option, named will log a
warning message. A message is also logged about each option whose
default has changed unless the option is set explicitly in named.conf.
1.2. Handling of Configuration File Errors
1.2. Logging
In BIND 9, named refuses to start if it detects an error in
named.conf. Earlier versions would start despite errors, causing the
server to run with a partial configuration. Errors detected during
subsequent reloads do not cause the server to exit.
1.3. Logging
The set of logging categories in BIND 9 is different from that
in BIND 8. If you have customized your logging on a per-category
......@@ -99,4 +105,4 @@ completely. We have contacted the manufacturer of the name server in
case and are trying to resolve the issue with them.
$Id: migration,v 1.6 2000/08/22 00:58:12 gson Exp $
$Id: migration,v 1.7 2000/08/29 17:57:29 gson Exp $
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