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Road Map to the BIND 9 Source Tree
bin/named The name server. This relies heavily on the
libraries in lib/isc and lib/dns.
client.c Handling of incoming client requests
query.c Query processing
bin/rndc The remote name daemon control program
bin/dig The "dig" program
bin/dnssec The DNSSEC signer and other DNSSEC tools
bin/nsupdate The "nsupdate" program
bin/tests Test suites and miscellaneous test programs
bin/tests/system System test; see bin/tests/system/README
lib/dns The DNS library
resolver.c The "full resolver"(performs recursive lookups)
validator.c The DNSSEC validator
db.c The database interface
sdb.c The simple database interface
rbtdb.c The red-black tree database
lib/dns/config Routines for reading and writing named.conf files
lib/dns/rdata Routines for handling the various RR types
lib/dns/sec Cryptographic libraries for DNSSEC
lib/isc The ISC library
task.c Task library
unix/socket.c Unix implementation of socket library
lib/omapi The OMAPI remote object access library, used by rndc.
lib/tests Support code for the test suites.
lib/lwres The lightweight resolver library.
doc/draft Current internet-drafts pertaining to the DNS
doc/rfc RFCs pertaining to the DNS
doc/misc Miscellaneous documentation
doc/arm The BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual
doc/man Man pages
contrib Contributed and other auxiliary code
contrib/idn/mdnkit The multilingual domain name evaluation kit
contrib/sdb Sample drivers for the simple database interface
make Makefile fragments, used by configure
The library interfaces are mainly documented in the form of comments
in the header files. For example, the task subsystem is documented in
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