Commit 3724ec85 authored by Bob Halley's avatar Bob Halley
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isc_sockaddr_equal() wasn't matching sockets that really were equal because

it was comparing the sin_zero fields which weren't equal.
parent b677cd01
......@@ -30,13 +30,39 @@
isc_sockaddr_equal(isc_sockaddr_t *a, isc_sockaddr_t *b)
unsigned int length;
REQUIRE(a != NULL && b != NULL);
if (a->length != b->length)
return (ISC_FALSE);
if (memcmp(&a->type, &b->type, a->length) != 0)
* We don't just memcmp because the sin_zero field isn't always
* zero.
if (a-> != b->
return (ISC_FALSE);
switch (a-> {
case AF_INET:
if (memcmp(&a->type.sin.sin_addr, &b->type.sin.sin_addr,
sizeof a->type.sin.sin_addr) != 0)
return (ISC_FALSE);
if (a->type.sin.sin_port != b->type.sin.sin_port)
return (ISC_FALSE);
case AF_INET6:
if (memcmp(&a->type.sin6.sin6_addr, &b->type.sin6.sin6_addr,
sizeof a->type.sin6.sin6_addr) != 0)
return (ISC_FALSE);
if (a->type.sin6.sin6_port != b->type.sin6.sin6_port)
return (ISC_FALSE);
if (memcmp(&a->type, &b->type, a->length) != 0)
return (ISC_FALSE);
return (ISC_TRUE);
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