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- README: clear out 9.9 features, add some missing 9.11 features
- version: update to 9.11.0pre-alpha.
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......@@ -56,8 +56,14 @@ BIND 9.11.0
BIND 9.11.0 includes a number of changes from BIND 9.10 and earlier
releases. New features include:
- Dig now supports sending of arbitary EDNS options by specifying
- A new "masterfile-style" zone option controls the formatting
of text zone files: When set to "full", a zone file is dumped
in single-line-per-record format.
- "dig" now supports sending arbitary EDNS options by specifying
them on the command line.
- "serial-update-format" can now be set to "date". On update,
the serial number will be set to the current date in YYYYMMDDNN
BIND 9.10.0
......@@ -190,51 +196,6 @@ BIND 9.10.0
- "tsig-keygen" is now available as an alternate command
name to use for "ddns-confgen".
BIND 9.9.0
BIND 9.9.0 includes a number of changes from BIND 9.8 and earlier
releases. New features include:
- Inline signing, allowing automatic DNSSEC signing of
master zones without modification of the zonefile, or
"bump in the wire" signing in slaves.
- NXDOMAIN redirection.
- New 'rndc flushtree' command clears all data under a given
name from the DNS cache.
- New 'rndc sync' command dumps pending changes in a dynamic
zone to disk without a freeze/thaw cycle.
- New 'rndc signing' command displays or clears signing status
records in 'auto-dnssec' zones.
- NSEC3 parameters for 'auto-dnssec' zones can now be set prior
to signing, eliminating the need to initially sign with NSEC.
- Startup time improvements on large authoritative servers.
- Slave zones are now saved in raw format by default.
- Several improvements to response policy zones (RPZ).
- Improved hardware scalability by using multiple threads
to listen for queries and using finer-grained client locking
- The 'also-notify' option now takes the same syntax as
'masters', so it can used named masterlists and TSIG keys.
- 'dnssec-signzone -D' writes an output file containing only DNSSEC
data, which can be included by the primary zone file.
- 'dnssec-signzone -R' forces removal of signatures that are
not expired but were created by a key which no longer exists.
- 'dnssec-signzone -X' allows a separate expiration date to
be specified for DNSKEY signatures from other signatures.
- New '-L' option to dnssec-keygen, dnssec-settime, and
dnssec-keyfromlabel sets the default TTL for the key.
- dnssec-dsfromkey now supports reading from standard input,
to make it easier to convert DNSKEY to DS.
- RFC 1918 reverse zones have been added to the empty-zones
table per RFC 6303.
- Dynamic updates can now optionally set the zone's SOA serial
number to the current UNIX time.
- DLZ modules can now retrieve the source IP address of
the querying client.
- 'request-ixfr' option can now be set at the per-zone level.
- 'dig +rrcomments' turns on comments about DNSKEY records,
indicating their key ID, algorithm and function
- Simplified nsupdate syntax and added readline support
BIND 9 currently requires a UNIX system with an ANSI C compiler,
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
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